May 3, 2014
Why you should not talk shit about people and how to avoid doing so.

Don’t talk shit about people behind their backs. 

I don’t care who it is- whether it is a close friend or if it is about that one weird girl everyone avoids at school. 

Don’t talk shit about others around you, whether you’re making fun of that loner kid because he wears weird clothes or whether you’re judging your classmate who is 16 and pregnant.

First of all, what that kid is wearing doesn’t matter. Maybe that kid isn’t into fashion or isn’t as materialistic as you are. Maybe he likes what he is wearing. Everyone has reasons for what they do and who they are.

Secondly, that pregnant classmate doesn’t need your judgment, she needs help and support and you know absolutely nothing about her story and current situation.

Everyone out their has their own reasons for their actions and lives that you know nothing about and in return have no right to judge.

So, if you would like to stop spreading unnecessary negativity in the world by discontinuing to judge your friends and neighbors I have a few tips for you, because learning to avoid talking shit about people is actually easier then you would think.

Tip #1) The first thing that triggered my desire to changes my attitude toward judging others came to me while reading the first few pages of the New Testament. I came across a couple sentences that changed my perspective on the whole subject. These lines said:

 ”Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the same measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

I began to think about this rule on a daily basis. I thought about all my negative judgments towards others and about how they must feel that way back at me. I realized that that hate/judgment in the world is completely unnecessary if I have the power to do something about it. So by keeping this rule in the back of my mind at all times, it helped me think twice before I opened my mouth to speak about somebody else. 

Tip #2) Ya know that popular person in school that you are always nice to because you want them to like you and be nice to you in return? Make yourself feel that way about all people. Make your goal to get people on your good side when ever you can. It forces you not to want to say something bad about a person while speaking with your friends or other acquaintances because you want this person to like you.

Tip #3) The next time your friends are talking shit about someone instead of joining them you should stick up for the person. Tell your friends that the person they are making fun of did not do anything wrong and does not deserve it. You can even make your friends feel guilty and help them question their mortality as well. 

I swear these things work and eventually, it gets easier and easier with practice. Even if it’s not genuine at first, you have to fake it till you make it in these types of situations, but I promise you will improve and think badly of others less and less. Your whole attitude will change!!! Once you stop audibly talking shit about them, you start ignoring the thoughts in your head too. Soon you will be giving into way less opportunities to judge others and instead you will just let them be.

And what’s your motivation to do any of this?

Think about how easy it is for you to talk shit about someone else. You do realize that it is just that easy for people to talk shit about you too, right? And how does that make you feel? Like a PIECE of shit? Well why make one more person feel like that? Why not be a nice person instead? Or even, why not build a reputation as a nice person instead?

Why not remove the unneeded negativity from your life and be open to form new relationships with people you would have normally just ignored based on harsh judgement?

End it now. Keep your side comments and rude remarks to yourself. If you can’t do it for the other person, at least do it for yourself. 

April 29, 2014
Do You Have A Bad Life?

This rant is for teenagers. Every girl at my high school claims that their lives are horrible and this is for them.

Do you have a bad life? 

Do you think you’re depressed? Do you hide it inside because you don’t want to be a burden to anyone? 

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you can’t take it anymore?

The pressures of society are getting too much for you to handle? You feel like you’re drowning? You’re over thinking everything? You’re hiding behind a fake smile? You “feel mentally drained”? You hate yourself?

Oh, did I suddenly get everyone’s attention? You all said Yes to the questions above? What a surprise.

Well congratu-fucking-lations. You’re average.

You’re life is fine.

No amount of Tweets that say shit like “I may be quiet, but I have a lot on my mind” will change that. No amount of pretending that you’re just “so broken inside” will change that either.

All these self-inflicted problems are not real. Over-thinking and being worried about what others think of you are not problems. Your “horrible anxiety” isn’t a real problem. Look around you. You’re on a website where every single account claims to feel the exact same way. Hmm, have you ever stopped to think that, hey!, maybe it’s not your personal problem, but an average life problem that everyone has? Now obviously this doesn’t apply to that one kid in school who cries when ever the teacher calls on him, but what are the fucking chances that you are that kid. Most likely, you are not. 

You’re not special. You are not different than anyone else because you’re having some “inner turmoil” that’s apparently just SO unbearable.

You are not wise. I don’t care how much fucking “thinking” you’ve been doing or how bad it’s “driving you insane”. You think you are the only one who contemplates deep thoughts about the universe and the meaning of life all of the time? You think you’re the only person capable of these thoughts? We literally have all have a brain and no one thinks less than you. Others people just don’t not think. We think literally as much as you do. What do you think we do, turn off our brains in our down time? Why do you think you have more feelings than us?

YOU’RE NOT WISE. Why do you think you see the world for what it really is? Why do you act like you’ve been through so much in your life that it has made you wiser than anyone else when really you have been through nothing out of the ordinary? Why do you act like you are mentally above everyone and more mature than them?

You are so dramatic. You tweet shit like “I just want to disappear for a little while..”. Well, oh yeah? I’d just love to hear your reasons as to why your life is just so hard- Why you feel the need to give up- Why you feel entitled to a break over everyone else. Literally not a single tragic things has happened in your whole life. Yet you act like there’s a whole other bad side to your life that no one knows about or can even imagine, because, you are so fucking dramatic.

All you want is attention. You just want someone to come and save you. You think that just like in movies and books, someone will read your stupid social media post and rush to your side and insist on trying to make you feel better. Too bad it won’t happen. You want the world to know that you are “broken” because you want someone to come and “fix” you. You want to be center of attention.

Well ya know what? People with actual real problems don’t go around broadcasting them to the world like you do. They don’t have time to worry about “societies pressure to be perfect” and other average bullshit similar to that like you do. They don’t go posting pictures of their (self inflicted) scars on instagram to show their “strength” and how big of a “hero” they are to themselves. Mostly, you are not aware of the real problems people out there have, and you never will be.

These people out there have real problems. All you complain about is how tired you are, how you don’t feel like you’re good enough for anyone, and how lonely you think you are just because it is a Friday night and you don’t have plans. To other people these problems are just normal. Average. Because ya know what? Everyone has to wake up at 6:00 am on weekdays, society ruins everyone’s self esteem (not just yours), and none of us have plans every single weekend. People with real problems have to worry about those things, but they aren’t as top priority for them.

…The problems that really set them apart from the average person are problems that are specific and harsher than the typical teenage angst. The real problems can be diagnosed and distinguished. 

Disease, mental illness, poverty, abuse, addiction, ect. Problems with in homes that most kids don’t even talk about. None of your “I don’t feel pretty enough today” when you get 45 likes on your instagram selfies.

Now maybe this post doesn’t apply to you, maybe u have an actual real problem in your life, but for majority of you, you are just normal life teenagers looking for attention, yet even after reading this whole post you will still deny it. I am aware that body image and shit like that that I believe are average life problems are serious issues today, but that’s exactly my point; those types of problems affect everybody, so they’re just average people problems. When teenagers act like they don’t affect any one but themselves and want attention for it it is wrong.

April 28, 2014
English Class

Can we just take a moment to talk about English class for one second.

K, so back when they were establishing school and shit, who thought it would be such a great fucking idea to make one of the core classes “English”?

Yeah, yeah I get it, you have to learn to write and speak proper English and know all the rules because if we didn’t our language would totally evolve to shit over time, but who came up with the bright idea of today’s English class?

Let me describe my English class. We read a novel, while we do this in huge increments of chapters at a time we take insanely long and detailed notes (I’m talking 20 hand written long notebook pages here), and then take an open note quiz over them the next day in class. There are on average 40 questions per quiz and the teacher reads the questions out loud and only gives us about 30 seconds (he times it) to find each answer in our notes and write it down. The questions are detailed and ask about specific sentences in the novel and are often long.

For instance, a question could be like, “What does James say to Andrew when he walks through the door in chapter 4, word for word?” 

When we get the question wrong my teacher acts like we are stupid and says it is because we didn’t read the book. He claims that if we read it once we should know the answer and not even have to refer to our notes. He’ll say things like, “You should have known that that quote (or detail) was important, because later in the novel it is said many times and is an important motif.”


I spend around 7 or 8 hours on the notes for each reading assignment and still fail the quizzes because of the time limits of the questions and because of how specific they are.

But my real question is, how are these quizzes important?

These quizzes and tests about the novels we read are just trivia questions. What difference would it make if we were asked the same questions for a movie instead of a book? 

What is the importance of reading a novel and answering questions about it? Why do our teachers tell us the motifs and symbols in novels as we read them so we can write essays about those motifs and symbols?

Why is English class on about writing essays about novels and plays? What does that have to do with anything? You could go your whole life without reading a novel and it wouldn’t necessarily hurt you. Novels aren’t a necessity to life. Knowing that every time a character is 33 years old in a story is a reference to Jesus and makes them a Christ figure does not help us with anything what so ever. 

Nothing we learn about anymore in English has to do with the English language. Everything is about the fitting the format of an essay of a book.

Every essay is the same thing.

Introductory paragraph- First sentence: state something related to the essay but do not give away the title of the novel or author. Next Few Sentences: Introduce necessary background info, the title, and the author. Last Sentence: Write thesis statement listing what you are going to talk about in each paragraph in the order in which you will do so.

Body paragraphs: State what you are going to be talking about in the topic sentence. Give an example to support your statement (most likely a quote). Explain what the quote says. Relate the quote back to the topic sentence by explaining why it supports it. Give another example to support your opening statement. ect.


We read novels and write essays on them that fit the format above. 

Those are the basic guidelines of my teacher’s ideal essay at least. It pretty much IS different with every teacher.

But what does writing the same essay over and over like that do? What is the point? Why are we only learning to write an essay for novels? Why aren’t we learning how to write anything else?

Why are we just learning to write about books when books aren’t even that important? I mean, they’re important because they’re great and all and provide us with enjoyment, but why do we have a whole class dedicated to reading old boring books and writing the same essays on them over and over? What does that have to do with anything? Why do we answer questions about the symbols and motifs of the books?

All of these things about novels are man made rules. We read a book, we comprehend it fine. Why do we have to go into depth about what the symbols mean and shit? WHAT’S THE BENEFIT

This rant was longer than necessary and pretty stupid and redundant but what ever.

Peace outtt